Capital Cadillac. 

When assembling a vehicle, Cadillac cuts and sews the interior components by hand. They don’t do it because it’s easier or cheaper; they do it because care and dedication create better products. At Capital Cadillac, we use the same approach.

The remarkable experience we deliver to our customers starts with paying attention to the details. Whether you’re browsing, financing, or getting service, we work our hardest to make sure you leave happy. And, of course, our passion is built on the belief that Cadillacs are among the best luxury vehicles on the road.

The Product. 

When a system is working in perfect harmony, you don’t notice any of the individual parts. You just notice the result. When you drive a Cadillac, you don’t notice the steering wheel, the pedals, or even the hand cut-and-sewn seats. Nothing arrests your immersion in the thrill of driving.

And with features like Active Noise Cancellation, Bose premium audio systems, and OnStar 4G LTE WiFi, your passengers can shut out the rest of the world, too. Quite simply, Cadillac’s current lineup is among the strongest the brand has ever produced.

Dare Greatly

In between inventing the electric starter in 1912 and pioneering the use of built-in GPS in 1996, Cadillac made a reputation for innovation and risk-taking. Now, with the Dare Greatly campaign, Cadillac celebrating designs that push boundaries.

Per Cadillac, “Everyone and anyone that touches the Cadillac brand has to walk, talk, act and live the daring attitude. Dare greatly embodies a bolder point of view […] distinguished design and innovations that move us forward.” Every Cadillac vehicle in our showroom evinces the spirit of Dare Greatly as well as the legacy of one North America’s greatest brands.